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"Among the highlights was a piece choreographed by Emily Kline

featuring an ensemble of five gifted young women. Kline’s

choreography was among the most sophisticated and complex of

the evening. The five women dancers moved in complicated patterns,

moving in and out of controlled synchronization with precision and flair.

It was quite a dramatic display."


-- Gary Day; "Koresh Showcases the Breadth of Philly's

    Dance Talent";The Dance Journal for; 2016.




"Melissa Faller's piece called again was ethereal yet grounded...

the movement vocabulary was angular and emphasized precise

hand, head, shoulder and arm gestures. Although structural,

Faller's choreography had a softness to it, that evoked a

bohemian quality throughout the piece."

--Samantha Burns; "Dance EXposure Review";

LV Dance in Review for; 2017

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